S1 | E2 The Crime Against Pam and Tommy: Special Presentation

Mondays 9/8c

The story behind the theft, release and exploitation of the famous tape


Fame. Power. Respect. Money can bring it all. And drain it all away. Rich & Shameless tells the true stories of the successes, failures, thrills and miseries that accompany the kind of wealth that ordinary people can never understand. Using a combination of powerful interviews, unique archive and atmospheric visuals, Rich & Shameless goes behind the public facade to reveal the dangers of great prosperity. Subjects include the mysterious death of crypto millionaire and suspected con artist Gerald Cotton, Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman and her involvement in a nefarious sex cult, the unlikely battle between Martin Shkreli and The Wu-Tang Clan, the disappearance of NBA great Bison Dele (formerly Brian Williams) at sea, fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s quest for eternal youth, and more.