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Shaq Life
S1 | E1 You Don't Know Shaq 21 min
S1 | E1 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
As one of the busiest people on the planet, Shaquille O'Neal has a serious "to-do" list he wants to tackle. He's going to tour the world as a DJ, take on a controversial franchise, get back in shape, and spend time connecting with his kids. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E2 Shaq of All Trades 21 min
S1 | E2 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
Shaq's credibility as a DJ takes a hit after his gig. Meanwhile, Shaquille sets out to make up for lost time as a dad while also working to change public perception around the Papa Johns brand as their first African American board member. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E3 Shaq vs. Shaquille 21 min
S1 | E3 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
After joining the Papa Johns board in the wake of a national scandal, Shaq receives backlash from the African American community. But some family time in the Bahamas may give him the morale boost he needs to turn the haters into believers. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E4 Shaq Your Age 21 min
S1 | E4 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
Shaq sets out to prove that he can go as hard as ever, but father time may disagree with him. After a near-disastrous first DJ show in Vegas, Shaq faces a fickle young crowd at Red Rocks. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E5 Shaq vs. Europe Part 1 21 min
S1 | E5 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
With his credibility as a DJ on the line, Shaquille sets out to win over the European EDM crowd on a multi-country tour. But when things start to go wrong, and tensions start to boil over, the entire tour threatens to come crashing down. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E6 Shaq vs. Europe Part 2 21 min
S1 | E6 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
With his managers fighting and the European DJ tour in jeopardy, Shaquille has to take control before it's too late. The road-weary team faces their toughest challenge yet when a technical disaster threatens to shut them down for good. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E7 Shaq Daddy 21 min
S1 | E7 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
After a whirlwind European DJ tour, Shaquille takes some time to connect with his kids. While Shareef grapples with returning to basketball after a life-threatening illness, Shaquille imparts some advice he hopes can help his oldest son. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E8 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 12
When his youngest son and nephew move into his Atlanta home, Shaq's no-nonsense approach doesn't gel with the boys' cocky attitudes. Meanwhile, Shaquille trains for his upcoming UFC wrestling match by taking on back to back opponents. ..More
Shaq Life
S1 | E9 Shaq's Big Score 42 min
S1 | E9 Shaq Life 42 min Expires January 12
In the season finale, Shaq tries to achieve all his offseason goals. He'll be grappling a UFC fighter, performing at Lollapalooza, and turning around a major company, all while trying to help his son. Is it all too much, even for Shaq? ..More
Shaq Life
S2 | E1 Even Shaq Has Limits 21 min New
S2 | E1 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 22
Shaq's back in Season 2 of Shaq Life! Shaq is taking on AEW'S Cody Rhodes in a tag team showdown on live TV in front of millions. Does he have what it takes to show up in the ring? ..More
Shaq Life
S2 | E2 Time for Shaqbowl 21 min New
S2 | E2 Shaq Life 21 min Expires January 22
Welcome to the inaugural Shaq Bowl! Shaq has invited a slew of his celebrity friends down to Tampa to play some games and raise some money, but can Shaq pull off an event this big during a global pandemic? ..More