One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure: A Shatterbox Film

Sep 08 2018

When news of the Cambodian genocide hits, Franka (a Czechoslovakian refugee) reaches out to the Lutheran Refugee Service in hopes of welcoming a family like hers to her new life in Fargo.

Go behind the scenes of One Cambodian Family Please For My Pleasure with the creators. 


A.M. LUKAS (Anna Martemucci), Director

AM Lukas

A.M. Lukas (nee Anna Martemucci) is a filmmaker, writer, and actor. Her debut as a writer-director, the coming of age comedy Hollidaysburg, was uniformly praised by top film critics and its screenplay was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Her previous feature films include Breakup at a Wedding and the popular cult web series (turned motion picture) Periods, both made in association with Anonymous Content and released by Oscilloscope Labs. In 2015 Lukas became the first-ever recipient of the “Through Her Lens Award,” a filmmaking grant from the Tribeca Film Festival and luxury brand Chanel. She is the subject of The Chair, Starz’s critically acclaimed 10-part documentary on film auteurship. Lukas writes about movies and TV for Talkhouse. Her most recent project, a short called Pasadena, won the audience award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Back to Top