Wednesday, April 23 @ 4:00PM (ET)

Penny Johnson Jerald
(Captain Victoria Gates)

We best know Penny Johnson Jerald as the scheming and conniving Sherry Palmer on 24. She was so good in the role that it helped her make the list of televisionís 50 Most Powerful Divas. In addition to her work on that show, Penny portrayed Dean Etwood on October Road, recurred on the sitcom Eve, played Condoleezza Rice on ABCís Path to 9/11, was Maxine on House of Payne, and has had numerous other roles on such shows as Bones, Law & Order and NCIS, among others.

Penny was nominated for both a Cable Ace Award and an NAACP Image Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series as quick-witted assistant Beverly on The Larry Sanders Show. She also spent four seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Captain Kasidy Yates. Sheís proud to have a huge Trekkie following.

When not shooting film or television, Penny works side by side with her husband, Gralin, for the coupleís theatre group, OCTC (Outreach Christian Theatre Company), directing plays, teaching classes, producing vocals in her recording studio, Behind The World Productions, or imparting some of her knowledge to those who seek it. She continues to do public speaking engagements, personal appearances and to help charities close to her heart.

A veteran theater actress, Penny most recently won critical acclaim for her portrayal of Rose in Chicagoís Goodman Theatre production of Regina Taylorís Trinity River Plays. She has directed over 45 plays, including The Tinker, A Very L.A. L.A. Christmas Carol, Chains of Freedom, Just in Time, The Descent from the Cross: A Living Portrait, A Christmas Carol, Heavenís Gates/Hellís Flames, Zodiocracy, Loving the Beloved, The Christmas Club, Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Myrrh, A Question of Innocence/The People Versus Christ, The Windows of Christmas, A Stranger in Bethlehem, The Vagina Monologues and Moist! Theater performance credits include her one-woman show, Not My Child, Our Countryís Good, The Debutante Ball, The Night of the Assassin, The Two Sisters, The Vault and The Derelict.
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