Connor Jessup
(Ben Mason)

Connor Jessup stars on TNTís sci-fi drama series FALLING SKIES. Writer, producer, director and actor, Jessup will next star on the big screen as the lead role in the independent film Blackbird, in which he plays an angry and troubled teenage boy who is wrongfully accused and arrested for a crime he did not commit. He ends up in juvenile detention where he quickly realizes the changes he will need to make if he wants to survive.

Jessup is best known for his leading role in the Discovery Kids television series Saddle Club, in which he played Simon Atherton, a 13-year-old computer geek.

Jessup credits his love for the dramatic arts and entertainment industry to his involvement with local youth theater growing up. His skills extend far beyond the scope of acting on the big or small screen as this teenage prodigy has been writing, directing, producing and editing films from the age of 11.

His producing credits include the independent film Amy George, which recently premiered at the Wisconsin International Film Festival. The independent film follows a 13n-year-old boyís quest to become an artist, whose dreams are halted because he believes his mundane life has left him unprepared to make his dream a reality. After reading a book on what it takes to become a true artist, this seemingly unlikable boy finds himself in a life of risk, ecstasy, wilderness and women.

Jessup recently completed the short film Something, which he wrote, directed, produced, and edited. Something follows 10-year-old Jack as he struggles to find beauty in life after he survives the collapse of the human existence. He also wrote, directed and produced the short film I Donít Hurt Anymore! in addition to the play Pushing Normal, in which he received the Award of Distinction for the script at the 2010 Sears Drama Festival.
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