Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

What a tense, nerve-wracking finale! It starts off with a bit of Rizzoli family drama. Jane and Frankie's brother, Tommy, is about to come home from prison, where he's been serving time after his third OUI, in which he hit a priest in a crosswalk. (If you've read my books, you'll probably crack a smile at the mention of a priest.) Jane and Frankie aren't thrilled about Tommy's return. In the middle of an argument with their parents, they get tragic news: an undercover cop has been killed.

The execution-style slaying of the cop sends an army of police officers out searching for clues. Jane returns to headquarters to talk with the cop's grieving partner, Marino. She also interrogates the lone witness to the shooting, a young girl who can identify the killers. With most of Boston PD out on the streets working the case, there's only a skeleton crew manning headquarters. They are completely unprepared when a commando team of killers suddenly invades the building, cutting off the electricity and phones and shooting every cop they encounter. One of the cops they take down is Frankie.

Downstairs in the morgue, Maura hides under her desk as the killers shoot open the evidence lockers. They are searching for something -- but what? Upstairs, Jane is interrogating the girl witness when she hears gunfire. Her weapon is in her desk, and she can't defend herself, so she and the girl scramble into the stairwell and hide. Thinking that the girl is safe there, Jane leaves her to search for a weapon.

It's a fatal mistake. When Jane returns, she finds the witness dead, and a wounded Detective Marino standing over the shooter's body. To her horror, Jane also finds her brother Frankie, wounded and barely alive.

They all take shelter in the morgue, where Jane pleads with Maura to save Frankie's life. But Maura is a pathologist, not a surgeon, and she's terrified of making a mistake. Frankie is dying before their eyes, and Maura has no choice but to act.

When Korsak and Frost can't contact Jane, they return to headquarters and instantly come under fire. With Jane and Maura trapped in the basement, Frankie dying, and the building surrounded by the SWAT team, the standoff reaches a shocking and bloody end. Both Jane's and Frankie's lives hang in the balance. But we won't know what happens to them ... until next season.

Written by Janet Tamaro and directed by Michael Robin, this was the darkest and scariest episode since "See One, Do One, Teach One," and it's a stunning bookend to the season. I did get one big chuckle when I spotted a familiar face among the cops -- Russell Grant, the real Boston P.D. homicide detective who's advisor to the show. I guess it's now my turn to beg for a walk-on part!

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