Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

In the previous episode, we learned that Maura Isles is adopted and doesn't know the identities of her birth parents. This week, Maura learns the shocking truth about her own bloodline when a murdered young man turns up on her autopsy table -- and DNA reveals he is Maura's half-brother! The murder appears to be a mob hit. Evidence found in the victim's car indicates that not only was he an identity thief, he was also a talented artist whose sketches reveal a precise and analytical mind. (Hmm. Does that remind you of someone?)

Jane and her team uncover the young man's identity and they learn that his father -- the same birth father as Maura's -- is Patrick Doyle, a notorious Boston contract killer who's now in hiding from the Irish mob. Stunned by the revelation that she's the daughter of a cold-blooded killer, Maura questions her own character. Does she carry the same darkness in her own soul? Has evil passed to her through her genes?

She's shaken when Patrick Doyle suddenly shows up for a visit and reveals that he's been watching over her all her life. He has photos to prove it, photos of her at her high school and medical school graduation. He tells her she's in danger. Someone in the mob killed my son to draw me out into the open, he warns Maura; they'll be coming after you next.

In a desperate attempt to keep her safe, he abducts her. When she refuses to stay hidden with him, he makes a disturbing plea. If the police identify the killer, call me with the name, he tells her. After I finish with him, no one will dare touch you.

The offer appalls Maura, but Jane has no problem with it. These are bad guys, Jane points out after they identify the killer. Call Doyle, for your own sake! But Maura refuses to be a party to murder, even though her own safety is at stake.

In the end, someone does call Doyle with the killer's name. And Doyle brutally "takes care" of the problem.

But who made that call? Was it Jane? Was it Korsak or Frost? We never find out. It's the moral ambiguities that make this episode so fascinating. Is murder ever justified? How far would you go to protect your friends? And if you come from an evil bloodline, what does it say about you?

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