Am I weird for liking TV shows that totally creep me out? Because this episode managed to do that and more, which is why I loved it so much! It brings back my favorite villain Charles Hoyt, aka The Surgeon, who first appeared in the pilot episode as the serial killer who twice stalked and nearly killed Jane. Although she defeated him and sent him to prison, he still inhabits her nightmares.

Now those nightmares are coming back to life. A man's body has been found propped up on a park bench, killed using Hoyt's precise methods. But Hoyt's been locked up, so he couldn't have killed this man. Or could he? The victim and his wife, it turns out, have both been missing for two years, and Maura's autopsy proves that the body's been stored in the deep freeze all that time. But where is the missing wife? And who brought the body out to taunt Jane? Clearly Hoyt has an accomplice on the outside, and once again, Jane is the one being threatened. Jane's colleagues join forces to keep her safe.

Maura interviews Hoyt, trying to get inside his head. But in a really spooky turnaround, it's Hoyt who gets inside Maura's head, leaving her deeply shaken. Because he's recognized the darkness inside her, and she's forced to acknowledge the truth in what he says. There are disturbing revelations to come about Maura Isles. One tantalizing hint that's introduced in this episode: she's adopted. (A detail that my readers know could open the door to some frightening developments.)

We get to revisit some terrific guest stars. Billy Burke returns as yummy FBI agent Gabriel Dean, who's falling in love with Jane and wants to keep her safe. And we also have the deliciously creepy Michael Massee, who plays Hoyt so well he'll make your skin crawl.

Practically every moment in this episode is fraught with tension, starting with the opener when Jane wakes up and finds a spooky "gift" from Hoyt outside her apartment. Then there's the startling moment in the morgue when Maura cuts out the heart - and finds out it's frozen solid. I love the scene where Maura tries to play "badass" as she inexpertly wields a gun, and ends up looking adorably helpless. But the most touching scene of all is between Korsak and Frost, when Korsak confesses the real reason he and Jane are no longer partners. In that moment, we see just how deeply these two men really care about Jane. These are friends who will do anything to protect her.

I won't say more about the plot because I don't want to give away the surprise at the end. I'll just say that the twist was so startling, my husband gasped out loud!

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