Now this was a high-velocity episode! Maura talks Jane into joining her on a charity run of the Massachusetts Marathon, and soon they're crammed in with tens of thousands of sweaty runners crowding the streets of Boston. But Jane soon has other things on her mind when she and Maura come across a male runner who's collapsed in the road. They start CPR, only to see blood pour from the victim's mouth.

It's not a heart attack; it's a gunshot wound.

With the streets blocked by runners, Jane and Maura transport the body to a nearby medical tent. Maura wants to shut down the marathon; Jane argues that it will only cause mass panic and trampling deaths. Unable to get the body to the morgue, Maura is forced to examine it there in the tent and she digs out a nine-millimeter bullet. It's a near-contact wound, shot from a silenced gun.

Soon a second dead man rolls into the tent; it's another runner, shot to death.

Jane drafts a freaked-out teen volunteer as her messenger (played to perfection by a terrified-looking Sam Lerner) and sends him running to police headquarters with the bullet. Frost and Korsak tell Jane that it's a hollow-point bullet, one commonly used by hitmen, and it has microscopic fibers from a fanny pack. The killer is also running in the race!

Frost and Korsak learn that the two victims were high school classmates. Years ago, they and a third classmate raped a 15-year-old girl, but all three boys went free. Are these revenge killings? Will the killer manage to shoot the third rapist, who's also running in the marathon?

The action is fast and furious as Jane and her team try to prevent a third murder. Frost's computer hacking skills pull all the puzzle pieces together, but it's Jane who has to sprint to the rescue in the most important race of her life. I loved the tension, and I loved those nutty running outfits the gals were wearing, emblazoned with "P.U.K.E.": Professionals for Underprivileged Kids of Excellence!

Thu., Apr. 17, 2014
6/5c Castle
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