Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

When a coed is shot to death on a university campus, Jane and Maura dig into the young woman's life. They discover she was secretly turning tricks in order to pay her college tuition -- which is a whopping fifty seven thousand dollars a year. Was it a client who killed her? An ex-boyfriend? Her pimp? The staggering price of college is one of the themes in this episode, a price that puts a university education beyond the hopes of too many brilliant students. (A friend once told me that paying for an Ivy League education is like driving a high-end BMW off a cliff every year. And it's true.)

What I always love best in this show are the glimpses into the personal lives of the characters. Jane's mom Angela hasn't been thrilled by Jane's profession, but in this episode Angela finds out that having a cop as a daughter definitely has its pluses. When Jane flashes her badge at a sleazy used-car salesman who's cheated her mom, mom is suitably impressed!

The rivalry heats up between the seasoned cop, Korsak, and the young but technically savvy Frost. I really laughed when Korsak admits that, okay, so he didn't go to college, but he did watch "Animal House" a few times. Hint: it's an inside joke. Actor Bruce McGill is famous for his role in "Animal House." (By the way, Bruce can still play the "William Tell Overture" on his throat.)

We see the softer side of Jane in this episode, and a bit of wistfulness too when she tells Maura that she wished she'd gone to college. But she knew that her family couldn't afford the university she desperately wanted to attend, and it would destroy her dad's pride knowing that he'd failed her. So she never told him she'd been accepted. It's a sad moment that tells us Jane has always been a protector.

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