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Question from Brandi Hester:
How do you come up with the story line? I mean, women encased in plaster on a carousel, that's genius and unheard of! Where do you pull from?

Janet's response:
I had this image of a dead woman inside of a statue. That's really how it began. I pull from everywhere: an image that my brain comes up with, an idea, stories from my life, from my writers' lives, from the news, books, an experience I've had that day. All of it is writing fuel.
The genesis of that particular episode began when we hired Eddie Cibrian. We'd already come up with a story of a man who enters Maura's life as a dead body, is revived by her and eventually is revealed as a serial killer. Because I wanted him to be a sculptor, it seemed natural to link him to that image I'd had of a dead woman's body concealed inside of a statue. Michael Katleman did a wonderful job directing that episode -- and Kevin Cremin, my great line producer, found a way to get those statues built for us.


Question from Stephanie Katz:
How do you balance developing well-rounded, interesting characters with also having to tell a gripping story and hit all the plot points within a 45 minute time span?

Janet's response:
If I could answer this question, I wouldn't have to work so hard to do this. :-) You'll think I'm a big whiner if I tell you it's an exceptionally tricky dance. It always requires a lot of time, research, reading, writing, thinking, rewriting -- and doing that final merciless "polish" where everything that is taking up precious real estate has to go.


Question from Thomas Müller:
I love the show will there be a show where one of them marry?

Janet's response:
What a great question. No marriages in the immediate future, but we have another fifteen episodes to think up for next season.


Question from Melanie Eckberg:
Will there ever be any holiday themed episodes?

Janet's response:
I never know when these episodes will air, so the answer is probably not. We had already shot and edited the Season 4 finale when it was scheduled for Christmas Day.


Question from Miles A. Morris:
Janet, I have to ask, how do you and the writers manage to keep the humor and drama evenly balanced, yet blended so well?

Janet's response:
It's how I live my life: balance the dark with a sense of humor about it or all is lost.


Question from Tayler Magz:
Why did you choose Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander to play Jane and Maura?

Janet's response:
Isn't it obvious? :-)
Because we (me, the other executive producer and our network, TNT) loved their previous work. Angie was "Jane" incarnate. When she agreed to play JANE RIZZOLI, I did a little dance. And then when we learned Sasha was potentially interested in the role of "Dr. Maura Isles" and put them together to watch them perform a scene together, they were just plain magical. It was obvious to all of us. :-)


Question from Shanice Rebeiro:
Would you ever consider doing a Musical Episode?

Janet's response: Don't be upset. I MIGHT (might) let one of the characters sing, but I can't imagine doing a musical episode. I don't think I'd be good at it..the writing part...Love musicals. Prefer writing dramas.

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