Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Hearty meals are the usual fare in Boston PD's Division One Cafe, but this morning, death is on the menu. Moments after Angela serves the breakfast special, her customer coughs up blood and keels over from warfarin poisoning. When the dead man's half-eaten meal mysteriously vanishes, and a big bottle of rat poison is found in the kitchen, Jane's suspicions first turn to Angela's boss, Mr. Stanley (Alan Rachins). Cranky as he is, would Stanley actually poison one of his own customers? Other clues soon add to the mystery. Why did the victim have Korsak's phone number? And why was Phil Taylor (Alexander DuMont), a pharmaceutical distributor, dining at the Boston PD cafe that morning?

A crisis is also brewing in the morgue after a corpse rolls in with signs of a dangerous contagion. Maura hits the panic button for emergency decontamination and orders everyone – including a mortified Jane – to strip and shower.  When a second corpse with bacterial meningitis arrives, Jane and Maura suspect there's a connection between this deadly new outbreak and the murder of the man who died in the cafe. Taylor, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry, planned to share a secret with the police. Now that secret could threaten the lives of countless Bostonians.

Meanwhile, the Rizzoli family is distracted by a new baby in their house – a baby that might belong to Tommy (Colin Egglesfield). Lydia (Alexandra Holden) abandoned her infant on their doorstep, and Jane and Maura have now fallen in love with little T.J. So it breaks their hearts when Lydia and her mother (Beverly Leech) suddenly show up and want the baby back. An ugly custody fight is clearly brewing, and the Rizzolis could lose all rights to T.J. unless a DNA test proves that Tommy's the father.
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