This time, murder hits tragically close to home for both Jane and Frankie. Shane Finnegan, shot five times in Boston's crime-ridden Combat Zone, was their high school friend, a hometown boy who made it big when he and his two brothers zoomed to stardom as the Channel Street Boys band. Shane's death hits Jane even harder when she learns that he had a monster crush on her and that she was the subject of his hit song about a Boston beauty. But Shane was plagued by demons: an evil ex-con dad and a struggle with addiction. Was he killed trying to score drugs?

Even closer to home, a Rizzoli family crisis looms when the very pregnant Lydia worms her way into Angela's affections. For too long, Jane and Maura have been guarding a shocking secret from Angela: Lydia had affairs with both Jane's dad and Jane's brother Tommy, and either man could be the father of the unborn child. Jane can barely stand the sight of the clueless bimbo, but Angela insists Jane play nice with Lydia, even if it means sitting through Lamaze class with her. At the baby shower Angela throws for Lydia, the secret finally spills out. Devastated, Angela feels betrayed by everyone she loves, and she cuts Jane and Maura out her life.

But even a heartbroken cop has a job to do, and Jane's investigation of Shane’s murder takes a surprising turn when drug tests show that he had been clean for months. If it wasn't a drug-buy-gone-wrong, why was he in the Combat Zone? The answer may lie in Shane's cell phone, but it will take all Frost's technical skills to unlock the surprising truth about who Shane Finnegan really was.
Sat., Apr. 19, 2014
8/7c I, Robot
X2: X-Men United

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