Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Maura's feud with rival Medical Examiner Dr. Pike takes a shocking new turn when, in the midst of a cocktail party, a very drunk Dr. Pike reveals his deep, dark secret: he's madly in love with her. He's been hiding his yearning for Maura behind a mask of hostility. When he sobers up, though, he transforms back into the nasty Dr. Pike, only now hes meaner and even more annoying.

Maura is desperate to flee Pike's company, even if it's to dash off to a double-homicide scene. The latest victims are Rod and Eve Parker, a married psychiatrist couple shot to death in their medical office. The only physical evidence Jane and Maura find are two partial fingerprints. Could the killer be a disturbed patient? Or could it be someone who's enraged by Dr. Eve Parker's latest book, which extolls the joys of childlessness?

While Maura keeps trying to dodge Pike's attentions, Jane and the Rizzoli family face a whopper of a new crisis. Lydia Sparks - who's been sleeping with both Jane's father and Jane's brother Tommy - is seven months pregnant. But whose baby is it? Jane calls for a family meeting to share the painful truth with Angela...

...but Jane doesn't show up. When she doesn't answer her phone, and her car's found abandoned, a frantic Maura, Frost, and Korsak realize the killer now has Jane as his captive. And time is running out to save her.
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