Families are complicated. Or, as Jane Rizzoli says, "Family sucks!" Maura finds out just how true that is when her biological mother, Dr. Hope Martin, comes to Maura's house for dinner. Hope still doesn't know that Maura is her daughter. That night, Hope brings a guest: her moody 18-year-old daughter, Cailin, who spends the evening sulking and then abruptly ditches the party.  "Cailin is fragile right now," Hope explains.  
Not just fragile, Cailin is seriously ill and in desperate need of a kidney transplant. As Cailin's half-sister, Maura turns out to be a perfect tissue match, and she wants to donate a kidney to Cailin. It's a momentous decision, but Maura's determined to save Cailin's life – even if she has to do so anonymously.
In the midst of this personal crisis, Maura and Jane must focus on a baffling new case. Neal Murray, an investment counselor, was murdered during a wild sex party. A single strand of blonde hair found on the body is a clue. Did one of the prostitutes kill Murray? Was it his partner at the investment firm? Or was it one of the firm's clients, a rapper star known as "The Drizz"? To track down the killer, Maura and Jane go undercover at a sex party...and wind up getting more attention than they bargained for.
Meanwhile, Maura avoids telling Hope who she really is. But when Cailin forces her to reveal the truth, the result is more devastating than Maura ever imagined.
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