Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Maura faces a difficult choice over whether she should contact her birth mother. She already knows that her mother, Dr. Hope Martin, is a brilliant pathologist who now lives in Boston. But Maura's terrified of meeting her, terrified that she'll be rejected, and she just can't pick up the phone to call her.

It takes a murder investigation to finally force Maura to make contact. A young woman's body has been found beaten to death, her hands blackened with a blow-torch to destroy her fingerprints. The only way to identify her is through a revolutionary new method of rehydrating one of the fingers – a method invented by Dr. Hope Martin. Now Maura has no choice. If she wants to solve this case, she must contact her mother.

Hope Martin (guest star Sharon Lawrence) is brilliant, beautiful and wonky – and she bears a stunning resemblance to Maura. Dr. Martin has no idea that Maura is her daughter, however, and Maura's not about to reveal the truth. But the two women form an immediate connection, and together they identify the dead body: Emma Spencer, an intern who was working for the DA's office. Ten years earlier, Emma's best friend, Isabel Dubois, was murdered, and Emma was hunting for answers. Did she get too close to the truth?

Meanwhile, Jane and Frankie are tormented by a figure from their past: Sister Winifred Callahan (guest star Jenny O'Hara), who has joined Boston PD as a counselor to the families of homicide victims. Sister Winnie is as scary as ever, still scowling and whacking with her ruler. Jane may catch killers, but the most frightening person she knows is now working right in her office.
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