Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Tensions are still running high between Jane and Maura, their hostility so blatant that even the snarky press refers to them as "frenemies." Once best friends, now they're tossing insults back and forth at each other as they crouch over the dead body of the latest homicide victim. Will Jane and Maura ever call a truce? Korsak and Frost certainly hope so, because this continuing catfight is making their lives miserable, as well.

The dead woman lying at their feet is Rachel Lawson, a young grad student in earth sciences, found strangled in a university steam tunnel. A vegan yoga student, Rachel was committed to saving the earth, but she couldn't save herself when the killer wrapped a garotte around her neck. Maura finds a bright red rash on Rachel's torso, a result of exposure to polluted water. Where had the young woman been swimming? Was it at the remote yoga retreat she attended every weekend in western Massachusetts?

Maura needs water samples; Jane needs to check out the mysterious yoga master who reigns over the isolated yoga retreat. Forced to make the long drive together, Jane and Maura can barely stand each other's company. But when they suddenly come under attack by the killer, they have to rely on each other to survive. Now it's up to Jane to save Maura's life – and it means performing cringe-worthy surgery using a shard of glass as a scalpel. Even if Maura lives, will their friendship survive?
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