Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

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Curious about where Jane's middle name, Clementine, came from? Janet has answers!

Janet's response:
How Jane got her middle name:

I was playing hooky (FOR A FEW HOURS!! C'mon, I work nights and weekends) from work one afternoon because I really (really) missed my younger daughter, who is hitting that "OMG! Can you not stand so close?" phase of young teen years...I picked her up at school, and for an instant, she forgot to be embarrassed that she has parents and threw me a HUGE smile.

We started talking in the car about her middle name ("Frances"), and she said, "What's Jane's middle name?" And I said..."I don't know. Time to make one up." So...I took her to a little coffee shop and over herbal tea and scones, we both tossed out a bunch of names. And she was being so sweet and so lovely, I had to ruin it by embarrassing her with my rendition of "Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling –" We suddenly both shouted, "CLEMENTINE!"

I called Tess Gerritsen (who wrote the books and created Jane & Maura) and made her bless the name. Eh, voila: Jane Clementine Rizzoli. :)


Question from Kathy Killian Blanchard:
Thanks for the show. Will Maura be spending more time in field or lab this season?

Janet's response:
You're so welcome. Maura will be splitting her time again, BUT I expect we'll see her in the field more and more.

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