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Question from Tracy Shannon:
Who researches all the odd, yet interesting, tidbits Maura knows about EVERYTHING? One of my favorite aspects of her character.

Janet's response:
Well...that would  I was a journalist for a long time. I read a lot. I collect useful -- and useless -- pieces of information.  Drives my family nuts.  Decided to "gift" Maura with my semi-annoying trait...


Question from Claudia Barrios:
Will Maura's life ever be in real danger? I'd love to see how Rizzoli and the rest of the team react to that? It seems she's just as much a part of the team as Jane is. You know, like she can at times be one the boys too, just in a different way than Jane.

Janet's response:
I think we should put Maura in mortal peril, don't you?  She can be fierce in her wedges.  


Question from Tanya Long Martin:
In the books, Isles is almost a non-entity, I love the way you have developed her. I adore the books, but I have to give major kudos for the show.

Janet's response:
Thank you for your nice comment. I love Tess.  But I don't help her with her books, and she doesn't help me with my show.  She's been so gracious.  I don't know that I could've written such a popular and wonderful series of books and sat back while another writer hijacked my characters for HER show...

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