High school reunions suck. At least they do for Jane, who dreads meeting up with the mean girls and the jerks who once tormented her with taunts of "Roly Poly Rizzoli." The only reason she's attending is to meet up with an old flame. But when he bows out at the last minute, it's Maura who drags reluctant Jane to the reunion from hell.

Just as Jane fears, it's her worst memories of high school all over again when mean girls Debbie, Emily, and Kate turn up, more glamorous than ever and still able to make her feel an inch tall. The jerks have stayed jerks, as well, especially Rory Graham, who's now rich and even more arrogant. The only classmate who has kind words for Jane is Steve, but something seems to be bothering him. He wants to speak with Jane in private, and she agrees to meet up with him later.

The conversation never happens. That same evening, Steve is shot to death on the football field. The list of suspects includes everyone at the high school reunion. With Jane in charge of the investigation, the jerks and mean girls can't so easily brush her off the way they used to. Suddenly, mean girl Debbie suddenly turns up dead, and clues indicate the killer is someone in that same high school clique. It's up to "Roly Poly Rizzoli" to shake the truth out of the classmates who once tormented her.

Justice never felt so satisfying.
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