Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

The shooting of a community activist is shockingly brazen, done in broad daylight. The killer, a street thug called Little T, has killed 15 times before, yet because every witness to his crimes has ended up dead, he's never been convicted.

This time, Jane hopes they're finally going to nail Little T, because a witness, Dante Moore, is willing to risk his life and testify in court. Boston PD just has to keep him alive until the trial. Jane hides him in a hotel room, with a police officer guarding the door, but the next morning, Dante's body is found shot to death on a city street. The cop guarding the door swears he never left his post. Why did Dante climb out the hotel window and flee the safety of his room? Who made the phone call that lured him to his death?
The now-disastrous case grabs the unwelcome attention of controversial TV personality Bill O'Reilly (playing himself), who attacks Boston PD's competence. Angela has a huge crush on O'Reilly, and she hunts down her idol at a bookstore, where she flirts with the very man who's been criticizing her daughter on TV. Way to go, Mom.
Meanwhile, the trial of Little T is about to collapse. The furious DA is looking for someone to blame, which means Korsak might lose his badge over it. With time running out, Jane and Maura must track down who murdered their witness ... or a cold-blooded killer will once again walk free.
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