Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

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Question from Jennifer Greene Gafeller:
I have a question for Janet - I've been following the cast tweets and they are currently filming episode 9 (I believe). Since the season is only 15 episodes long, how risky is it to have so much filmed before a single episode has aired? Do you run the risk of making a mistake with the direction for these characters and their story and not being able to make corrections?


Janet's response:
It's even more risky to wait for fans to weigh in. Our season would only be a couple of episodes long if we were at the mercy of waiting for responses on Twitter or Facebook or...Google has a new one, too, I think.

It takes a long time to conceive of, break, outline and write a script. By the time we shoot it, months have gone into its preparation. We have to do it 15 (!) times. That means 2-3 months of pre-preparation, then 7 days of shooting, then about a month to cut the film. As you can imagine, the amount of work gets compounded as we start to shoot. So that means I'll be writing Episode 4 as Episode 1 is being edited, Episode 2 is being shot and Episode 3 is being prepped. I will also be in the middle of trying to figure out what Episode 5, 6 and 7 will be. I will also be looking for my keys and trying to remember my children's open houses ...

Doesn't leave me much time to course-correct. Plus, if you've ever tried to take a big group to dinner, think about how difficult it is to get everybody to agree. The final arbiter has to be me. If I start to doubt myself - and listen to the literally thousands of voices telling me how they'd like to see the show go - I think I'd throw in the tear-soaked towel and call U-Haul ... and go live in Wyoming ... or Vermont ... or Paris ... or ... hmmm ...

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