Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

It's supposed to be just a staged re-enactment of a Revolutionary War battle, so when a costumed "patriot" falls dead from a real bullet, Boston Homicide assumes it's merely an accident. But while tracking the bullet's trajectory, Maura kicks off her sky-high heels, scrambles up a tree and finds evidence that a gunman had perched in those branches. Who was the sniper really aiming for, and did he hit his intended target? Probing the world of Revolutionary War buffs, Jane and Maura don saucy wench costumes and spar with an eccentric history professor who's so darn annoying that he just might be marked for death. When another bullet comes flying, Jane's off and running in her wench dress as she tries to chase down the perp.

Now that's something you don't see a cop do every day.

Meanwhile, Maura's brilliant artist mother is in town, and a panicked Maura scrambles to whip up an 11-course meal that will satisfy the demanding Constance Isles (guest star Jacqueline Bisset). At dinner, Jane and her mother, Angela, feel like a pair of country bumpkins as snooty Constance tosses around French phrases and talks about her upcoming lectures in Stockholm and Zagreb. So this is what Maura's been trying to measure up to all her life. Even now, it's clear to Jane that Maura is still desperately trying to win Constance's approval. Comparing their two mothers, Jane suddenly feels lucky. As irritating as Angela can be, she's also warm and loving -- something that Maura will never feel about her own mother.

At a glittering cocktail party, Jane finally confronts Constance. She's fed up with the way Maura's been treated, blurting out: "I don't want to see my best friend hurt!" It's a thrilling and moving moment when we see Jane in fiercely protective mode, ready to battle anyone and anything in defense of Maura.

If only we all had a best friend like Jane Rizzoli.
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