Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

It's "Fleet Week," when US Navy ships are in port and thousands of sailors invade the streets of Boston to sightsee and party. In the alley behind one bar, the partying takes a tragic turn when a young woman is raped and murdered. DNA from the rape kit zeroes in on one man in particular - a sailor who insists he and the victim had sex, but he had nothing to do with her murder. When a second rape-murder victim turns up in Boston, Jane and Maura realize they've got a brutal serial killer on their hands, and he may have been doing this for a long time in cities around the country. They hate to think he might be a Navy man, but the evidence seems to implicate the sailor they've arrested.

What I love about this episode is the glimpse we get into Detective Barry Frost's past. His father, a Navy admiral, tries to intervene on behalf of the accused sailor, and Frost coolly rebuffs him. That's when Detective Korsak realizes that his young colleague could really use a caring father figure in his life, and Korsak is ready to step in. "You are a damn fine detective," he tells Frost. These two men, who've had a prickly relationship up till now, may finally be bonding.

Meanwhile, Maura wades into serious romantic trouble when she hooks up with a sexy auto mechanic who has the animal attraction she craves. Unfortunately, he possesses the brain power of a skink. Only Jane can rescue Maura from Giovanni with the low-slung jeans. Sometimes girl power is the only way to solve the crime - and extricate yourself from a bad romance.
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