Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Do you have a question about Rizzoli & Isles? Each week, show creator Janet Tamaro will answer questions from fans of the show, so Become a fan of Rizzoli & Isles on Facebook and you'll be able to ask your questions and keep up with all things Jane and Maura.


Question from Bridgette Smith:
I have a question about the music aspect. When composers write music for a TV series or movie do they normally just write what they feel and then the directors edit it to fit the scenes? Or do the directors tell the composers exactly what they need (time and emotion) for each specific scene?

Janet's response:
Jimmy Levine, our wonderful composer, worked on the pilot with me. Jimmy and I have many conversations. He also talks to my editors in my editorial department once the episode has been shot and is in the cutting room. Jimmy and I and the editor of the episode will go scene by scene and discuss tone, mood, story and exactly what it is I’d like the scene to convey. 

I also thought I’d put your question to Jimmy. Here’s his response.

From Jimmy Levine: A composer typically has many creative conversations with the director (for a film) or executive producer (for television) regarding the creative direction of a score and the individual pieces of music or "cues" that are written for specific scenes.  Subjects discussed will usually be timing or length of a cue, tone i.e. dark/light/comedic, instrumentation, and specific beats or story points that are important to "mark" within the body of a cue.


Question from Winifred Ukeje:
Just to clarify, this "Dr. Ian" we're hearing about, has he always been Maura's lover?


Janet’s response:
Hmmm…always? You mean like from pre-school? No, but they share an intense connection and have been on and off lovers for about ten years.

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