Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesday, May 20 @ 8:00PM (ET)

Jane Rizzoli lives!

Last season's killer-diller finale left doubts that Jane would survive the shocking gunshot that left her critically wounded on the steps of Boston PD. Now it's three months later, and Jane is recovering. She's also deeply embarrassed to be one of two heroic women honored at a lavish banquet. "I'm no hero, she tells Maura. "I was just doing my job. "The real hero, Jane insists, is the other honoree: Abby Sherman, a female soldier who braved enemy bullets to save the lives of three male comrades during a terrorist attack. After serving two perilous tours in Afghanistan, Abby has made it home alive.

But moments after the banquet, Abby climbs into her car and perishes in a fiery explosion. Did terrorists track her to Boston? Or is the killer someone far closer to her, with a personal reason to plant a bomb in her car? Still recovering from her own wound, Jane's in no shape to tackle this case, but no one and nothing will stop her from hunting down Abby's assassin.

Meanwhile, explosions are also happening on the personal front. Jane's parents are divorcing, Angela threatens to turn Jane's life upside down, and romantic sparks fly between Jane and her high school sweetheart, who's home from his tour in Afghanistan.

But there's no time for romance when a second bomb kills another soldier in Boston. Clearly the case is far bigger and more dangerous than Jane and Maura realized. With other lives at stake, Maura feverishly hunts for clues on the autopsy table. But it's Jane who may be forced to play hero one more time.

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