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Question from Julia Hedberg:
‎How much of the script is written when the show starts airing the first episode and how much do you change in the script throughout the filming process?

Janet's response:
If you’re asking how much of a script is written by the time we start filming that episode, ALL of it or we’d be in trouble. Most dramatic series have a three to four month start up period for the writers to get together and start to shape the season. A specific episode takes more than a month to conceive of and write.

It has to be delivered about one-and-a-half weeks before the episode shoots so that various departments (from set dressing to wardrobe to special effects) can make preparations.

While it is shooting, we try to make as few adjustments as we can, and we are already deep into the next few episodes so time is always at a premium.


Question from Frances Palugod:
Where do you get the inspiration of the episodes that you write?


Janet’s response:
I get inspiration everywhere. My children say they often see themselves or our family on the show. I also read a lot: fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines. I draw from my past life as a journalist frequently. I spent nearly a decade doing national news, all over the country. I also find that when I do anything to give myself a break from work, ideas often come. I think the writers on the show would tell you something similar.

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