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OK ............. First off let me say, once again, how amazing the SouthLAnd fans have been throughout this entire process. I speak for myself and the entire cast and crew when I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done. This show would not be on the air if it were not for the loyal fans that have followed us from our previous home to TNT and our new friends that have found us since the move. Again, thank you !!! I would also like to thank everyone who has written in and asked questions. If you have not read any of the previous Cudlitz's Corners I suggest you stop by TNT's website and check it out by clicking here.

Some of your questions have been previously answered, plus it has some links to in depth articles that have been written on subjects like the training we went through before we started filming and John Cooper's sexuality.


Q: Celeste J. Argeris
Does he really wear a bulletproof vest while filming in those rough neighborhoods? Also, how long did he and the others train with LAPD for the show?

Celeste, we wear "real" bulletproof vests every day no matter what neighborhoods we are in. We all wear the exact gear that real cops and detectives wear. The only thing we do not carry is extra magazines for the weapons. In real life they actually weigh quite a bit. In regards to the training we all did a lot of training and ride-alongs with real officers. I answered that question in depth in a previous Cudlitz's Corner, so please look back over the earlier posts.


Q: Julie Matthews
What an amazing, amazing actor. Loved last night's episode. I'd love to know: how do you so perfectly portray the struggle between addiction, chronic pain, and the real need for painkillers? Have you interviewed people who have this trouble? What have they taught you?

I don't really know how to answer that question without sounding like a total narcissist. Thank you for the compliment. I have done a lot of research for John Cooper. I can tell you that people will do almost anything to continue doing something they love to do. John loves being a cop. It defines him. John also has a horribly bad back ................. Not a good combo.


Q: Charla Breshears Brown
Are the writers moving away from the gay angle? Or is it just not coming into play at the present? I think this could be a great and riveting storyline for the show, if its done right. Great opportunity to show that gay men are not all parade-marching drag queens, they are also the policeman next door, the fireman down the street and any other "normal" facet of life. I hope the writers don't waste such a good opportunity.

No, Charla they are not moving away from this. John Cooper is gay and will continue to be gay. It will always be handled in the same adult way it has been handled since the beginning of the series. The shows focus has, and always will be, on how the job affects these officer's lives. As the show moves forward we will see more of John's personal life, but like all of the other characters we see glimpses .............. and most of these glimpses are in connection with some other story point.


Q: Frances Smith Michael
Where would you like to see your character at the beginning of season 4?

Great question Frances. I would like to see Cooper physically healthy or at least on the road to physical health. I want see the cop John was before his back issues. I basically want see him kick some serious ass !!!


Q: Aaron R. Cook
How is your marksmanship?

I learned to shoot for film and television. I have never fired a weapon outside of that context. That being said, I am told I am a pretty good shot. I believe, Shawn Hatosy is still the best shot in our group. That being said, I think we are all pretty good for the amount of exposure we have had.


Q: Robert Werner
Michael has been a character actor for a little over 20 years now. If he could go back in time and talk to his younger self then, what advice would he offer?

Great question, Robert. If I could go back in time with all of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 20 years I think I would walk right by myself and not say a word. 20 years of hard work, mistakes and successes have made me who I am. I have loved my journey and I do believe most things happen for a reason even if you never figure that reason out. All is as it should be. It's called life and mine has been quite amazing............ So far.


Q: Lorie Cronin
Without offending some, what bothers you most about fans? I can't imagine being such a public person and dealing with the lack of privacy.

I gotta tell you Lori, I have been pretty lucky. Most people who recognize me and want to say hello are very respectful. They just want to take a moment to say hello and maybe get a photo. Most of the time people think I look like someone but can't figure out who and keep walking .................... All who approach me have been very appreciative and kind. I like to think of it the way my son does, "My dad's not famous, he's just popular".


Q: Raymond Perez
I'd like to know why they never put their seatbelts on when getting into their squad cars, is it a filming thing or a cop thing to get out the car faster?

You are correct. We always put the seatbelts on when we go code 3, (lights and sirens) ............. Once we get a code 3 call and start to accelerate we put the belts on. For me it is a practical thing. Getting out of the car is easier. I am a lefty and the belt tends to get hung up on my weapon. John being old school does this habitually. Ben follows suit from his training officer. LAPD policy is that seat belts be worn. John doesn't really care about that policy.


The second half of the season will offer up many surprises. I am constantly humbled by the people I work with and amazed at the creative energy and collaborative spirit of the cast/crew/producers of SouthLAnd. It is a gift I cherish.

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