Micah Williams
(Julio Vasquez)

Q: Describe your character, Julio.
A: Julio is a student who is always trying to con his way into getting good grades or getting money. Although he tries to con people to get money, he can't do math or count. He is one of the troublemakers in Mr. Clark's class - the class clown in the school.

Q: What was your experience in learning how to double-dutch?
A: I never knew how to double-dutch, so I had to ask my sister for a secret lesson. On set, we had the double-dutch champion of Canada who taught me some things like round-offs into the ropes and doing Russian splits while jumping. I liked the experience.

Q: What are your thoughts of Ron Clark as a teacher?
A: Ron Clark is a teacher who is able to relate to his students. He was cool, and, with his encouragement, you wanted to learn.

Q: What do the students in THE RON CLARK STORY think about Mr. Clark?
A: The students in the film look at Mr. Clark as if he's just another white teacher trying to come to Harlem and teach us. We think that we can scare him easily. Toward the end of the movie, they begin to see him as a friend and father figure. Many of the kids in the movie don't have dads at home, so they see Mr. Clark as someone who wants to teach them about life in and out of the classroom.

Q: What do you think is the most important rule?
A: The most important rule was that we are a family. When he came in and introduced that rule, he wanted us to feel the connection between student and teacher. The family rule made us realize we could trust each other and him.

Q: What was it like working with Matthew Perry?
A:He is a phenomenal actor, and I loved working with him. The first day he came on set, it was as if we knew each other. When I meet adults, I usually address them by their last name, so when I met him, I called him Mr. Perry, and he said, "My name is Matthew." He was just so cool.

Q: Where does the drama come from in THE RON CLARK STORY?
A:The drama in this movie comes from the conflict between certain characters. Something happens between two characters, they clash, it's a big uproar, and everybody will be on the edge of their seats like, "What's going to happen next?"

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