Mychal Smith

Q: Who is your character in THE RON CLARK STORY?
A: Tayshawn is the worst of all the students Mr. Clark has to teach. He has no father, lives in a foster home and is very street smart. He has never really built up any social skills, and, as a result, he doesn't have any friends. He comes together with Mr. Clark and they bond. There is something about him that lets Tayshawn know he really cares, unlike his previous teachers. Tayshawn had failed two grades and was the class bully, and Mr. Clark comes and instills pride in him and lets him know he can succeed. The sky's the limit.

Q: What is Tayshawn's special gift?
A:Tayshawn is the ultimate artist. He can take a chair and turn it into a montage of art. He is a really creative kid and uses his art as a way to escape his life.

Q: What do you think the most important rule is that Mr. Clark introduced?
A:The most important rule is respecting others. At school, you want to learn and not worry about students harassing you and talking about you. Tayshawn is scared to be the best student he can be, because he doesn't want the ridicule of others.

Q: What does Mr. Clark's statement, "Dream big, take risks," mean to you?
A:I think what he means is make your dreams become reality, and in that sense, make your realities big and make your dreams big. If you dream big and think big, anything's possible. Life is all about making reality, making dreams true. Now it's not physically possible, but mentally. If you put that mental fortitude into the dream, it can come true over the years.

Q: What was it like working with Matthew Perry?
A:He is the coolest guy. He can relate to everyone, and he also will help you with your scenes. Although he is a big celebrity, he doesn't act like one at all.

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