Hannah Hodson
(Shameika Wallace)

Q: How would you describe your character?
A: My character is Shameika Wallace, and she is a 12-year-old girl who is just a hard person. She lives at home with her mother, who works two jobs, and she has to take care of her little brothers, so she can't do her homework and can't be a kid. To cover her feelings about not being able to do anything, she just pretends she doesn't want to work and doesn't want to do anything at school.

Q: Why do the kids in THE RON CLARK STORY connect with him as a teacher?
A: The kids in the story connected with Ron Clark because he didn't leave. They tried their best to get him to leave, and he stayed. A few times he almost left, but he always came back, and eventually they realized he wasn't leaving.

Q: Why was Matthew Perry the perfect person to play Ron Clark?
A: He is the perfect person to play Ron Clark because he doesn't play the role too seriously. Ron Clark was a serious teacher who really worked hard with these kids, but he was a person, too. He had fun. Matthew really brought some comedy to the role, so he didn't seem too much like a "mean ol' teacher."

Q: What was the hardest part of learning how to double-dutch?
A: It's all very hard on your feet. They gave us two lessons, and I had only jumped double-dutch a few times in my life, about six years ago, so I was really bad. We had to learn how to use two feet and do tricks and turn around.

Q: What makes THE RON CLARK STORY a movie that families can sit down and watch together?
A: It's a story that everybody can relate to. It's a story that brings hope to children who were really down in the dumps. Ron Clark taught them to become better people.

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