In June 2001, Tropical Storm Allison ravaged Houston, Texas, with massive flooding, plunging Memorial Hermann Hospital into catastrophic darkness. TNT tells the story of the disaster and the heroic efforts of doctors, nurses, municipal workers and volunteers to save almost 600 patients in 14 HOURS, A JOHNSON & JOHNSON SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATIONSM starring JoBeth Williams (Poltergeist, From the Earth to the Moon), Kris Kristofferson (Lone Star, Blade: Trinity) and Rick Schroder (Lonesome Dove, NYPD Blue). This gripping two-hour TNT Original is set to premiere Sunday, April 3, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

14 HOURS comes to TNT from Cosmic Entertainment, MAGNA Global Entertainment and Paramount Network Television. Shanna Tyndall Nussbaum and Jay Cohen serve as executive producers for Cosmic Entertainment, along with MAGNA Global Entertainment's Frances Croke Page and Elaine Frontain Bryant. Gregg Champion (The Cowboy Way) directed the movie from a screenplay written by Danilo Bach (Beverly Hills Cop).

14 HOURS is based on the harrowing events of June 2001, when Tropical Storm Allison stalled over the Houston metropolitan area, pouring nearly 30 inches of rain on the city within a 14-hour period. The story begins as Allison seems to be moving away from Houston. Jeanette Makins (Williams), a nurse at Memorial Hermann Hospital, arrives ready for what she expects to be a normal day. But Allison's rains return, quickly turning a normal day into a nightmare. As floodwaters inundate the lower levels of the hospital, a brilliant young surgeon, Dr. Foster (Schroder), makes the decision to move the patients to safer ground, including a young couple whose premature baby is struggling for life, as well as a girl and her mother, severely hurt in a car accident. With the resourceful thinking of Chuck Whortle (Kristofferson), chief of Harris County Emergency Management, the hospital staff and volunteers race against the clock to get all patients to safety.

14 HOURS is the sixth TNT Original to be produced under the JOHNSON & JOHNSON SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATIONSM banner. The series of original films represents an important effort by Johnson & Johnson, a founding member of the Family Friendly Programming Forum of advertisers, to expand family-friendly programming on prime-time television. The JOHNSON & JOHNSON SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATIONSM development effort was initiated by Interpublic's MAGNA Global Entertainment.

MAGNA Global Entertainment (MGE) is a division of Interpublic's MAGNA Global USA, which represents over $32 billion in aggregated Interpublic worldwide media billings. MGE is an industry leader in advertiser-supplied programming. MGE has produced 68 hours of original programming and over 235 hours of total television viewing on seven networks for 19 clients. Notable successes include the critically acclaimed hit series, The Restaurant, on NBC and Blow Out on Bravo.

Cosmic Entertainment, whose principals are Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, is currently in production on such projects as Two for the Money, with Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino; Mad Money, with Diane Keaton; The Orphan King, starring Andrew McCarthy and Bill Pullman; and Red, a modern-day werewolf story. Cosmic Entertainment is also producing Beyond the Sound of Music and developing series for television.

A JOHNSON & JOHNSON SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION is a service mark of Johnson & Johnson.

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