Mikael Salomon
A Conversation with Mikael Salomon

Q: What attracted you to this script?
A: What attracted me to the script was its subject matter. It's very fascinating. It's a subject that always interested me. Like most people, I want to know more about it and what drives these people to doing these heinous acts.

Q: The subject matter in this film is very delicate. How are you walking that line of being respectful of people's feelings but making it really good entertainment?
A: The approach to this project is to make it real, make it balanced. It's supposed to be entertaining, but it's made in a way that gives you an insight into how these many agencies fight terrorism and how these agencies that seem so vicious on the outside really are populated with people like you and me - regular people who go to work everyday but have faced some very unusual challenges and sometimes very tough personal choices. We also shot this for a more realistic feel. We shot everything on location. We have no stage shooting whatsoever.

Q: How were you involved in the casting?
A: TNT, Fox and BBC have all listened to what Tracey Alexander and I wanted - who we wanted in the cast. We've been very lucky to get a fantastic cast. Julianna and Dylan represent young, professional people, and I think they cover these roles beautifully. Not only are they visually attractive, but they're also very smart. It's easy to believe he is a top FBI agent and that she's at the top of her field in the NSA. Jemma's a very talented actress, too. You certainly feel when you get her in front of the camera that it's not her first barbecue. She's very good at what she does. She certainly has a great career in England. In the end, the emotions from the characters and the action will carry the story. It's the human element that's really important.

Q: How do you hope audiences will react to THE GRID?
A: I really want people to feel, first of all, that they've been entertained, but also that they've seen these people who are protecting us everyday. They're working in the shadows, and we don't really appreciate their everyday efforts. Whenever we don't hear about them, it's a success, but when we do hear about them, it's because of a failure.

Q: What impact did the advisor, Larry Seaquist, have on the production?
A: Having Larry around gives a lot of credibility. He's signed off on everything we've been doing. He knows the inner workings of D.C. and the military very well, having been a battleship commander. Having him around has been a great help, and he gives the limited series a little more depth about what's going on in the world these days.

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