Julianna Margulies
A Conversation with Julianna Margulies - (Maren Jackson)

Q: What were your feelings after reading this script?
A: The humanitarian aspect of the script is what I fell in love with - these characters are very relatable. We see a view of one of the terrorists from a more spiritual approach rather than just, "I want to kill these bastards." Dylan's character is coming at it from a personal attack, and you can understand that point of view, too. What's so beautiful about this script is that it gives many points of view, so you have a chance to understand what war is as opposed to whose side you should be on. I think we get caught up in that too much. It's like the old saying, "An eye for an eye leaves you blind."

Q: How does THE GRID differ from other spy genre television shows?
A: THE GRID is not just an action-adventure. We see what the counter-terrorists risk and sacrifice in their own lives and how they get swept up in their jobs. They live and breathe their jobs. I was speaking with our technical advisor, Larry Seaquist, about times on the job when there was a crisis, asking how long they would work without taking a break. He said, "37 days," as if it were nothing. I assumed he meant 37 days from 9 to 5 without a day off. He said, "No, 37 days around the clock. You don't leave." I find the behind-the-scenes stuff incredibly interesting. We don't see what goes on behind closed doors in real life, but we show it on THE GRID. It's very different from most things in the spy genre in that, unfortunately, it's a little too real.

Q: How is it working with Dylan McDermott?
A: I've always wanted to work with Dylan, and we've known each other for a while. It's been fun to work with him - to be able to be with someone you trust is great.

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