Dylan McDermott
A Conversation with Dylan McDermott - (Max Canary)

Q: What attracted you to this project?
A: What surprised me was that the so-called bad guys in THE GRID weren't really that bad. We saw something about them. Why do people become terrorists? We see the influence certainly of culture and religion. We see how terrorism works, and then we see the tracking of terrorism and the personal lives of these people.

Q: How did you prepare for this role?
A: I worked with the counter-terrorism taskforce in Los Angeles, and they walked me through what they do and how they do it. They really work hard. Watching what they do, their body language and how they behave was so helpful in preparing for this role.

Q: Describe your character.
A: Max Canary is an FBI agent who is working with the National Security Council. His best friend was killed in the towers, and he's now dating his best friend's widow. He had great affection and love for his friend, so his relationship with her is very intricate. He feels great happiness being with her, but he feels this guilt gnawing at him. She has a child, and the child is now calling my character "daddy," which is also very complicated. I'm not his father, but I'm certainly acting like his father. At the same time, I'm tracking terrorists who are planning a very big attack, and, with the help of other agencies, we're trying to stop them as quickly as we can.

Q: Tell me about the people you're working with and what it's like.
A: Julianna Margulies is someone who I always liked. I had known her in Los Angeles and was always fascinated by her because she had a great spirit. She just walks into a room and the room lights up. So for me it was easy. She's a really good actress.

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