Neil Simon
A Conversation with Neil Simon
(Executive Producer / Writer)

Q: Why do an update of The Goodbye Girl?
A: I thought it was a great idea. They do revivals on Broadway every year. I believe this was my best picture, and I enjoyed working on it. I love the idea of doing this, especially when I heard that Patricia, Jeff and Richard were all on board. Patricia was delighted to work on this film. She and Jeff said yes right away. Richard's wonderful. I intend to continue working with him for a long time.

Q: How do you feel about comparisons between the original film and contemporary version?
A: Sometimes people think you shouldn't do a remake of a successful film. You're taking a chance of being compared to what was done before. But I think Richard has done a wonderful job. I watch it and laugh. It was fun to work with such good actors.

Q: Do you believe it was important for the authenticity of the film to shoot scenes in New York?
A: TNT was very generous in letting us come here and spend the time. Vancouver is nice, but I don't think you can shoot Vancouver for New York and be real about it. You have to be authentic. New York is so wonderful. I'm delighted that we're shooting it here.

Q: Are elements of conflict necessary to create a true romantic comedy?
A: Without conflict, you have no story. This film is filled with conflict. These two individuals despise each other from the beginning because she's been so hurt. This wonderful guy comes along into an unhappy girl's life and she doesn't realize this until two-thirds into the film. I don't think I've ever written anything that did not have conflict involved. It's the mainstay of drama.

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