Hallie Kate Eisenberg
A Conversation with Hallie Kate Eisenberg
(Lucy McFadden)

Q: How did you get the part of Lucy?
A: They asked me to audition for it. My mom was very excited because she thought the original was a great movie. After the audition in New York, we flew out to California to meet Richard Benjamin, Neil Simon, and some of the producers. I was so excited when I got the part. It's been so much fun to do.

Q: Did you watch the original?
A: No. When I got the part I didn't watch the original because I wanted to see that I could do my own version and not feel like I had to do it the same way as the first girl.

Q: What kind of child is Lucy?
A: Lucy is such a fun part to play because she's kind of smart-alecky. Her relationship with her mom is more like friendship then a mother and daughter. Sometimes Lucy even acts like the mother.

Q: What is Lucy's relationship with Elliot?
A: In some ways, I think she has a little crush on him. She thinks he's cute and nice even though her mom doesn't like him.

Q: How was it working with Patricia, Jeff and Alan?
A: It was really exciting to get to work with Patricia and Jeff. I've seen some of the things they've appeared in, like Everybody Loves Raymond and Dumb & Dumber. They are both nice and really cool. I love Alan Cumming. He was in one of my favorite movies, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. I met him once before but didn't have the chance to talk to him. We were at a premiere and he sat in front of my brother, my sister and me. We were flipping out because we love that movie! It was exciting to get to work with him.

Q: Who would you tell to watch this film?
A: I would tell everyone. My friends would love it and so would my older sister. My parents would love it, too.

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