Patricia Heaton
A Conversation with Patricia Heaton
(Paula McFadden)

Q: What type of woman is Paula?
A: There is so much going on with her. She's growing older, has a child and has been unlucky in love. She starts to become jaded. Then Elliot comes along and rescues her from all of that, but it takes a lot to get her through it.

Q: Did you have any hesitations with starring in this remake?
A: I jumped at the offer. Shooting feature-film type work is not my favorite thing to do because the hours are very long. I'm usually separated from my kids quite a bit and there's a lot of down time. But I just love this movie and was thrilled to get the opportunity to play Paula. What actor doesn't want to do work by Neil Simon? There were so many things about it that are the chance of a lifetime for an actor.

Q: What were your feelings as you read through the script?
A: While we were in New York for the movie announcement, we had a reading of the script in Neil Simon's apartment. I think it was only the third time I had read it. As I was reading my lines, I found myself welling up with tears because of the journey that Paula takes throughout the script and the words that Neil Simon has given her to say. They just struck a chord. I have a lot of respect for great writers and feel that, if you say what they've put on to the page, 75 percent of your work is done for you.

Q: What are the differences between the original script and the contemporary version?
A: There are few differences between the scripts. I believe that shows it is a classic piece. It's very universal.

Q: How would you describe this movie?
A: I believe it's the most romantic movie ever written.

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