Don Safran
(Co-Executive Producer)

Don Safran has worked in the film industry for more than two decades as a producer and marketing executive through his own company and as former executive vice president at Rastar Productions. His current projects include the independent production Valentine - The Love Story and a remake of Tennessee Williams' The Night of the Iguana. Safran is discussing a film version of Neil Simons' autobiography, Rewrites.

Safran has worked as an executive on many Rastar films, including Steel Magnolias, staring Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine; The Secret of My Success, starring Michael J. Fox; Peggy Sue Got Married, directed by Francis Ford Coppola; Nothing in Common, starring Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason; Annie, starring Albert Finney; The Way We Were, starring Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand; The Electric Horseman, starring Robert Redford; The Toy, starring Jackie Gleason; Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip; Blue Thunder and Smokey and the Bandit, both starring Burt Reynolds; Random Hearts, starring Harrison Ford; and Harriet the Spy. While with Rastar, Safran worked on several Neil Simon films, such as Biloxi Blues, Chapter Two and Seems Like Old Times. Safran also contributed to the Golden Globe® winner Barbarians at the Gate.

Before entering the film industry, Don Safran worked as a film critic and entertainment editor for the Dallas Times Herald. He carried his skill in writing to television, writing for ABC's Happy Days and the feature Homework, starring Joan Collins. Safran served as writer and associate executive producer on ABC's Blue Thunder. He was the executive producer of ABC's Target Earth and Disney Channel's Ally Cats.

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