Two-time Emmy® winner Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Screen Actors Guild Award® nominee Jeff Daniels (The Hours) star in the Turner Network Television (TNT) Original film Neil Simon's THE GOODBYE GIRL, a contemporary turn on Academy® Award-nominated Neil Simon's classic film about a dumped-on divorcee and an aspiring actor who become unwilling roommates in a New York City apartment. Hallie Kate Eisenberg (The Insider) and Alan Cumming (X2, Titus) also star. NEIL SIMON'S THE GOODBYE GIRL will air as a TNT Three-Play World Premiere Weekend on Friday, January 16 at 8 p.m.; Saturday, January 17 at 8 p.m.; and Sunday, January 18 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

Simon wrote the screenplay and serves as executive producer, along with Ron Ziskin (Stealing Sinatra) and Dave Collins (Stealing Sinatra). Don Safran (The Night of the Iguana - 2003) is the co-executive producer and Richard Benjamin (My Favorite Year, Mermaids, Made in America) is the director. NEIL SIMON'S THE GOODBYE GIRL is a co-production between Warner Bros. Television and TNT.

NEIL SIMON'S THE GOODBYE GIRL opens with former Broadway dancer Paula McFadden (Heaton) and her daughter, Lucy (Hallie Kate Eisenberg), returning home to discover Paula's actor boyfriend has abandoned them. What's worse, he has subleased their apartment to another actor, Elliot Garfield (Daniels). This is shocking news to Paula, who thought the apartment had been prepaid for the next several months. Finding no other solution, Paula and Elliot decide to temporarily share the apartment, but the tension between the two remains palpable as Elliot's habits of playing the guitar at night, sleeping in the nude and meditating every morning begin to grate on Paula's nerves.

As Paula desperately searches for a job, she finds only disappointment as she is told she is too old or too out of practice to return to dancing at this stage in her life. Meanwhile, Elliot rehearses for the title role in an off-off Broadway production of Richard III, being directed by a wacky revisionist (Cumming) who insists Elliot play Richard as a flamboyant gay man. Opening night proves to be a disaster with both audience and critics, and the show closes after only one performance. As Paula consoles the despondent actor, she begins developing feelings for him, and he for her.

Just as sparks begin to fly between the two, Lucy worries that she and her mother will once again be left in the lurch. That worry is compounded when a film director (Benjamin) offers Elliot a role in a movie being shot in Seattle, a role he gladly accepts. Paula immediately assumes that this is the end of yet another relationship and that she will once again be left as a "goodbye girl." But Elliot still has one more romantic trick up his sleeve to win her trust and her love.

Grammy® Award-winning artists Hootie and the Blowfish have recorded a re-make of David Gates' 1978 hit single "Goodbye Girl" to accompany the film.

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