Gabriel Bowman is filming a documentary of detectives at work when Jake and Danny are called to the scene of a bizarre homicide in which the victims are two gang members who were attempting to murder a Chinese couple. Perplexed by the evidence found at the scene, Jake and Danny are joined by Sara who begins getting Witchblade flashes when she inspects the image of a wolf tattooed on both dead thugs. Gabriel uses his expertise to identify the marks as Eastern European in origin. They link the tattoos - and the unusual circumstances of the murders - to other hate crimes that are occurring across the city, and it becomes apparent that a vigilante is trying to thwart their efforts. But when one of the victims identifies his savior as a young girl, even Sara has a hard time believing that their perp could be anything but a hardened criminal. Meanwhile, the detectives discover that the tattoo is a symbol used by the Lupo gang - a group of white supremacists who have been on the rampage across Eastern Europe committing hate crimes. Sara goes undercover to find out more about their mysterious leader, but when her disguise is blown, she must use the Witchblade to escape and discovers the young vigilante in the process. Known only as Bola, the girl explains that she is after the evil Lupo for murdering her parents - four hundred years ago! Although the girl should be under arrest, Sara sympathizes and takes her in. Meanwhile the villainous Lupo -- who has been inciting unspeakable death and destruction for centuries -- plots to lure Sara into his clutches in hopes of using her and the Witchblade for his own hateful purposes. Using Bola as bait, he sets up a trap. But when the girl begs Sara to use the Witchblade against Lupo, Sara realizes that it is Bola, not Lupo, who set her up to end the centuries'-old evil.
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