Sara, Jake and Danny are called to the scene of a multiple homicide where they discover that the victims are all members of various organized crime families in New York. When Sara realizes that the one mob family not represented in the mayhem is that of her old nemesis Tommy Gallo, she decides to pay him a visit and discovers that a new mob boss, known only as "V", has laid claim to the city and has Gallo on the ropes. Gallo gives Sara a clue to this mysterious mobster: a Tarot card illustrating the "Hierophant," a priestly or patriarchal figure. Gabriel informs Sara that he has been receiving more strange emails from Cyberfaust with jpgs of the same card attached. The investigation leads Sara to seek the help of a very odd mystic tarot reader by the name of Madame Sesostris. Meanwhile M.E. Vicky Po discovers some shocking evidence: fingerprints found on the card belong to none other than Sara's father, who has been dead for 20 years! In a tailspin over the bizarre turn of events, Sara seeks the help of Ian Nottingham, but as always, the enigmatic Ian has only cryptic advise to give. Sara, Danny and Jake tail Gallo and discover that "V" has called another meeting of New York's crime families. But when they stake out the locale, Sara gets the shock of her life as she sees the face of her father behind the window of "V's" limo. Suspicious that somehow Kenneth Irons is behind the evil "V", Sara returns to Irons' lair and confronts Nottingham, only to come face to face with "V." A deadly battle ensues and with the aid of the Witchblade Sara is victorious and "V" is conquered, but many questions remain unanswered.

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