The Characters

Sara Pezzini: NYPD Homicide Detective Sara Pezzini is a vexing combination of street smarts, intelligence and beauty. Sworn to uphold the law, Sara will go to any length to bring criminals to justice. When she comes in contact with the Witchblade, the ancient weapon stirs to life and affixes itself to her arm, bestowing on her unusual powers that help her fight crime on the streets of New York. Determined to use the Witchblade for good, Sara must be ever vigilant of the evil forces that seek the gauntlet for their own dark purposes.

Danny Woo: As her partner and best friend, Danny is Sara's touchstone. Danny's Eastern sensibility often tempers Sara's rash, take-no-prisoners attitude. Danny does not know about the Witchblade and its powers, but he often questions Sara's erratic behavior and may suspect that greater forces are at work in her. Unlike Sara, Danny has a family and a life beyond his work at the NYPD.

Jake McCartey: A former champion surfer from the West Coast, Jake is now a rookie police detective assigned to train under Sara and Danny. Though his laid back style is a bit unconventional for a NY cop, his investigative skills are solid. His admiration for Sara may extend beyond their professional relationship.

Kenneth Irons: An eccentric billionaire entrepreneur rumored to have made his fortune through illegal arms dealings; Irons' connection to the Witchblade runs deep. A collector of art and ancient weapons, the Witchblade was in his collection -- on loan to a Midtown museum -- when it first "found" Sara. He still bears the scars from his failed attempt to wield the weapon and is in many ways still possessed by its power. Irons' diverse corporate empire Vorschlag Industries includes media holdings, real estate and biotech development -- all of which are secondary to his pursuit of the Witchblade.

Ian Nottingham: Adept at subterfuge and martial combat, Nottingham is a walking lethal weapon. A mysterious -- and deadly -- omnipresence, he has been under Irons' tutelage for most of his life. Raised by Irons as his son, Nottingham was trained to protect (or is it procure?) the Witchblade and its wielder. Always nearby when the Witchblade springs into action, Nottingham's relationship to Sara and the Blade remain a mystery.

Gabriel Bowman: A bright, young entrepreneur, Gabriel runs a lucrative company called, which specializes in the acquisition and sale of rare artifacts. As the only person -- besides Irons and Nottingham -- who knows about the Witchblade, Sara trusts Gabriel and relies upon him to provide her with information about the Blade. She also calls upon him to research various clues involved in her cases, as the uncharted realms of secret history and obscure artifacts play a growing part in the crimes that Sara is called to investigate.

Vicky Po: As a medical examiner for the NYPD, Vicky has seen it all and still maintains a wry sense of humor, much to the wonderment and relief of the Eleventh Precinct. Though overworked, Vicky often provides Sara with the vital evidence she needs to solve the case -- no matter how bizarre the circumstances. Working with Sara, she has learned not to ask too many questions and Sara has come to rely on Vicky as her one female friend in the all-boys world of detective work.

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