Tom Flynn
A Conversation with Tom Flynn
(Writer / Story)

Q: What is the message in SECOND STRING?
A: A quote by John Lennon was the basis of the story. Before The Beatles were famous, he said they were all just hanging around waiting for the next "beat" to explode onto the scene so they could follow it's lead. It was a big surprise to all of them that the next big thing was The Beatles themselves. The message is that all of us could have greatness within us. It's just a matter of believing in the possibilities, then following through with the work and never giving up and allowing the criticisms of others to dampen the fire in your heart.

Q: What research went into the script?
A: When I originally wrote the script, the Rams were still located in Los Angeles. I went down to Orange County to practices and asked a million questions. Jack Faulkner was especially helpful. The Rams also hooked me up with NFL® referees who went over each of Heller's gadget plays and made sure they were the real deal. The National Football League® was also very helpful, and I'm proud that our teams in SECOND STRING wear the uniforms of real NFL® teams.

Q: What do you hope the audience will walk away with after seeing the movie?
A: I hope the audience will be entertained, and I hope they will have a laugh or two. If they go away with anything that fires them up about their own lives, then that's icing on the cake.

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