Michael London
A Conversation with Michael London
(Executive Producer)

Q: How would you describe SECOND STRING?
A: The Buffalo Bills® make it to the playoffs, and all of their money is banked on the first string, which has a superstar roster. On the eve of the playoffs, the offensive squad of the first string comes down with a severe case of food poisoning. The second string, which is a bunch of leftover veterans, rookies and screw-ups, have to take over in the playoffs.

Q: How did the final storyline develop?
A: It's gone through a lot of evolution in terms of the comedy and the drama. We wanted to get away from the cliche sports comedy. We managed to push it away from the comedy while still retaining the fun of it. We were lucky enough to get really wonderful actors who bring the story to life and take it very seriously.

Q: How did the actors train for the football scenes?
A: There was a month-long training camp to get the actors in good condition and teach them the plays. It was pretty tough, and there was a little complaining at the end of the day. The idea, though, was to build camaraderie among them to make them function as a unit, as a real football team.

Q: What do you think audiences will take away from SECOND STRING?
A: What grabs everyone is just the notion of a group of underdogs who never expected having a chance to play in the Super Bowl® and possibly win. It definitely falls into that kind of classic sports underdog genre. It's done in a fresh and fun way.

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