Jon Voight
A Conversation with Jon Voight
(Coach Dichter)

Q: What is the relationship between Coach Dichter and Dan Heller?
A: The coach is a hard-head who has his own way of coaching, and he has to cope with a new quarterback who has his own way of playing. In the past, they have failed because they couldn't work together. They are forced to face certain realities about themselves to learn how to be a team.

Q: Are you surprised at the athleticism of your fellow actors?
A: Not at all. The actors are all great athletes, but they don't all feel like they have to prove themselves to the professional players. They are perfectly content with letting the pros do their stuff and then coming in when they're needed for the close-ups. They are very professional. When I was younger, I would have wanted to jump in and play as much as I could. I would have tried to take all the hits and be a hero, but that wouldn't have been too smart.

Q: Are you a football fan?
A: I love football. From the time I was a little kid, I remember I couldn't be tackled. I was the skinniest kid in the world, but I was a tricky runner. I love the speed of football and the mental tactics of it.

Q: You've done sports movies in the past. Is there a key element in this sports film that is not captured in others?
A: This story is very compelling. It moves us - it's something that we care about. This movie is about whether a stubborn coach can change and grow for the sake of the team. It's about two people making adjustments and coming together. The story is classic.

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