Second String (2002)
Jon Voight , Gil Bellows , Teri Polo, Richard T Jones , George Eads Rating: TV-14-L

Academy Award® and Golden Globe winner Jon Voight, Gil Bellows, Teri Polo and Richard T. Jones star in the Turner Network Television (TNT) Original film SECOND STRING, a triumphant story about a group of benchwarmers whose road to the Super Bowl® is paved with mishaps, mistakes and miracles. Michael London (40 Days and 40 Nights, The Guru) executive-produces the two-hour film, which was made in cooperation with the National Football League. Robert Lieberman (The Dead Zone, D3: The Mighty Ducks) directs from a script by Tom Flynn (Watch It). The story is by Jere Cunningham (Judgment Night), who also serves as co-producer, and Flynn. SECOND STRING premieres Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT, the destination for drama.

The Buffalo Bills® are cruising along toward the Super Bowl® with their best team in years. Coach Dichter (Voight) has traded away future draft picks and young, promising players to assemble his Dream Team and secure a Super Bowl® ring this year. When practices for the first round of the playoffs begin, Dichter decides to bring on another quarterback to step up the team's practice sessions. Much to his chagrin, the only reserve quarterback available is Dan Heller (Bellows), a former Notre Dame football star who is about a year into a mind-numbing career as an insurance salesman. The last time Dichter and Heller teamed up, they recorded a losing season and lost their jobs.

But fate intervenes when, with one crack of an oyster, the entire Buffalo Bills'® all-star offensive squad, led by Doug Flutie, is sidelined by a serious case of food poisoning and is lost for the rest of the season-just one week before the playoffs begin. Dichter has no choice but to put the fate of the Bills'® Super Bowl® run in the hands of Heller and his fellow second-stringers. The only people sure Heller is up for the challenge are his football savvy wife, Connie (Polo), and best friend, wide receiver Gerry Fullerton (Jones). It's the classic story of realizing that believing in yourself creates infinite possibilities.

SECOND STRING features cameos by some of sports' most familiar faces, including Doug Flutie, Mike Ditka, Chris Berman, Donovan Greer and Bills® radio announcer Van Miller.

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