Prince Charming (2003)
Martin Short , Christina Applegate , Sean Maguire, Andrea Martin , Bernadette Peters Rating: TV-PG-DLS

Emmy® nominee Martin Short (Alice in Wonderland, Merlin), Golden Globe® nominee Christina Applegate (A View from the Top, Jesse), Andrea Martin (Wag the Dog), Billy Connolly (Mrs. Brown, The Impostors), Tony® Award winner Bernadette Peters (Annie Get Your Gun, The Odyssey) and Sean Maguire (Out of Depth) star in the Turner Network Television (TNT) Original film PRINCE CHARMING. The two-hour adventure, updating the timeless fairy tale, is executive-produced by Emmy® Award winners Robert Halmi Sr. (Arabian Nights, A Christmas Carol) and Robert Halmi Jr. for Hallmark Entertainment and directed by Emmy® Award winner Allan Arkush (Crossing Jordan, The Temptations). The script is by Doug Palau (Kingpin, NYPD Blue). PRINCE CHARMING premieres on TNT Sunday, July 13, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

On the day of his marriage to Princess Gwendolyn, Prince John (Maguire) finds himself in a compromising situation with a damsel in distress. As punishment, he and his squire, Rodney (Short), are subjected to a "frogging," transforming them into frogs for all eternity, or until the prince can convince a maiden not only to kiss him but also marry him. After centuries on the pond, John and Rodney are accidentally transported to New York's Central Park and an amazing new world full of taxis, skyscrapers, graffiti and-of course-damsels. In no time at all, the prince gets his kiss and he and Rodney return to human form. But staying that way won't be easy. It's streetwise Kate (Applegate) who has captured John's heart, but, unfortunately, she's not the woman he kissed. In order to break the curse forever, he must convince Margo (Peters), a Broadway diva, to marry him. Connolly portrays Hamish, Margo's director/boyfriend. Martin portrays Margo's wardrobe mistress, Serena.

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