King Of Texas (2002)
Patrick Stewart , Lauren Holly , Marcia Gay Harden , Roy Scheider Rating: TV-14-LV

Turner Network Television (TNT) continues its rich tradition of presenting Original Western films as Emmy ® -nominated actor Patrick Stewart stars in KING OF TEXAS, a dramatic Western twist on the great Shakespearean tragedy King Lear. KING OF TEXAS also stars Oscar ® winner Marcia Gay Harden as Lear's oldest daughter, Susannah, Lauren Holly as Lear's middle daughter, Rebecca, and Julie Cox as Lear's loyal youngest daughter, Claudia.

Oscar ® -nominated Roy Scheider stars as Westover, a rival rancher who tries to save Lear from himself, and Patrick Bergin stars as Rebecca's brutish husband, Highsmith. In addition, David Alan Grier plays Lear's razor-tongued ranch hand, Matt Letscher is the ruthless son of Westover, Liam Waite plays Westover's younger son, Thomas, and Steven Bauer portrays Mexican officer Menchaca.

Stewart, his producing partner Wendy Neuss-Stewart and Robert Halmi Sr. are the executive-producers for Flying Freehold and Hallmark Entertainment Productions, respectively. The script is by Stephen Harrigan (Rin Tin Tin). Uli Edel (TNT's The Mists of Avalon) is the director.

In KING OF TEXAS, Stewart plays John Lear, a wealthy, egomaniacal Texas rancher who challenges his three daughters to prove their love for him to claim their inheritance. When his youngest daughter refuses to take the challenge, Lear banishes her from his ranch and from his life. He divides his estate between his two remaining daughters and makes plans to continue overseeing the huge family holdings while shuttling between their two homesteads. But venom proves thicker than blood when his daughters betray Lear and force him off his own land. Lear's sudden downfall leaves him emotionally wrecked and fighting for his life, his honor and the one daughter who loves him.

This vicious family drama is set against the backdrop of the old West shortly after the great battle of the Alamo, when Texas was a republic of its own and some Texans had their sights set on acquiring more land south of the border -- by any means necessary.

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