Kathy Baker
A Conversation with Kathy Baker

Q: How did you first hear about Bill Porter?
A: I first heard about Porter from the script and the article Bill Macy and Steven Schachter sent me. They also sent me the 20/20 piece.

Q: What was your reaction after reading the script?
A: It's a wonderful script, and I just wanted to be a part of it. After reading it, I could definitely see Bill Macy portraying Bill Porter. The story shows the adversity Bill Porter had to deal with and how he ignored the pain and overcame those obstacles. The story is very uplifting and inspiring.

Q: Talk about your character. Were there any challenges?
A: I play one of Bill Porter's faithful customers. My character was not spelled out in black and white. She is an alcoholic but not a loud drunk. I had to portray her as a soft-spoken, quiet drunk who has feelings for Porter. I wanted to show the progression of her loneliness. My challenge was to show all of this in the limited amount of time my character is onscreen.

Q: What message do you hope the audience will come away with?
A: I hope the audience will come away with having a sense of humor when dealing with their problems and realize, through my character, that they don't let opportunities slip through their fingers. I think they will feel how inspirational this story is. The idea of triumph over adversity will come through. I want my kids to definitely see it and to learn that, when life deals you a blow, you can get through it. Bill overcame his adversities and with humor.

Q: This film has a great cast. What did you learn from the other cast members?
A: I actually had the chance to work with only Bill Macy -- but I think that says it all right there. I have admired him for years and have wanted to work with him. I like the fact that he takes the work seriously but doesn't take himself too seriously. I think that's the best kind of actor to work with.

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